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Dried Sea Coconut 12 oz / 0.75 lbs

Dried Sea Coconut 12 oz / 0.75 lbs

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Sea coconut is the fruit of palm fruit, which mostly grows on the seaside, hence the name sea coconut. Secondly, the sea coconut produced in Hainan has the best quality.

Recommended ways to eat: sea bottom coconut flakes, snail stewed chicken soup, bottom sea coconut flakes, almond and pear syrup, delicious and healthy.

Efficacy and role

Produces fluid to quench thirst, diuresis and swelling, and beautifies the skin.

  1. Produce body fluids and quench thirst: The juice of sea coconut is rich, delicious and delicious, and has a good effect of producing body fluids and quenching thirst.
  2. Nourish yin and moisturize the lungs: The juice contained in the sea coconut nuts is thick to gelatinous and has a mellow taste. It can be eaten as peanuts. The pulp can be taken in soup to nourish the yin and lungs. It is suitable for long-term cough and has the effect of stopping bleeding.
  3. Diuresis and swelling: The coconut milk of sea coconut is rich in potassium, magnesium, etc. 4. Beauty and beauty: The oil content of sea coconut meat is relatively high. The main components in the oil are capric acid, coconut acid, oleic
    acid, lauric acid, Planting, isolated planting and various sterol substances, these substances have supplementary and beautifying effects.

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